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Take charge of your learning through RedDotAcademy’s e-Debate Program! Each lesson is 20 minutes and will come with a worksheet to supplement your learning. This will be divided into 5 phases. Overall, the brainstorming process will be covered from start to finish – from creating an effective set-up, to deciding an appropriate case divide and finally, delivering the speech with confidence. A variety of motions will be covered, with tips on how to apply common arguments to similar motions. 


The bulk of these lessons will focus on how to develop arguments – using actor-analysis to create arguments, choosing appropriate topic sentences to guide your argument, and elaborating effectively with examples to support. Then, we will explore how to respond to arguments through mini-rebuttals and fully developed rebuttals. This, in turn, will help you to develop your argumentation further to create truly robust arguments. All in all, these lessons will prepare you to debate effectively in any format, and to become a more confident speaker and writer.

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