Drama Face-to-Face Online

Our online Drama face-to-face Interactive lessons empower young children to grow to be a confident, expressive and energetic performer, that is comfortable in using their voice and body to communicate.



Develop and enhance students’ confidence, self-expression, communication and English language skills in a fun and immersive environment.



No prior experience is required

Course Details


For students in Primary or Grade 1-3

LearnHow To:


Engage and open up the voice through exciting warm ups and tongue twisters


Use English as a powerful and vibrant communication tool


Explore different ways to express emotions and narratives through voice, body and props


Improvise and think quickly on your feet


Be comfortable with oneself through increased body and voice awareness


Read expressively as a chorus

Trainer  Profile


Justine is a seasoned actress and has been performing since Primary School. As a High School and College Theatre student, she has a strong foundation and experience in theatre, story-telling and improvisation. Combining her theatrical knowledge and experience working with young children, Justine is a trained drama instructor. She has received many awards for her contributions in the Art scene and continues to empower young minds to do the same.

Our Learning Approach


Warm ups, practice drills, class activities, at-home reinforcement

Lesson breakdown

15% lecture, 60% practice time, 25% individual feedback

Materials provided

Class Worksheet and Homework for each lesson

Maximum class size

12 students

1-on-1 progress check-ins

Before, during & after the lesson

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