This online lesson series is a platform for all primary and secondary school students to acquire and develop reasoning and argumentative techniques through fun and explorative on-screen coaching.

Work with an experienced coach, do hands-on debating and receive customised feedback from the coach. Classes are conducted in small groups for maximum learning outcomes.

  • Equip beginners with the necessary skills of argumentation and critical thinking to grow into a budding speaker and debater

No experience is needed for the Primary classes and Secondary (Beginners) class. Low to medium level of prior Debate training needed for the Secondary (Intermediate) class.

  • 10 lessons over 5 weeks, twice a week.
  • For all Primary 3-4, Primary 5-6 and Secondary School students. Secondary Beginners and Intermediate classes available.
  • The World Schools Debating Championships (WSDC) format will be taught.
  • At the end of each lesson, activites reinforcing the concepts and techniques will be given out.

1. Agreeing and Disagreeing
2. Definitions
3. Value-judgements and Policies
4. Speech Structure and Style
5. Substantive Speeches (SEE format)
6. Research Skills and Fake News
7. Examples using SEE format
8. Rebuttals
9. Points of Information
10. Content, Style, Strategy – Putting it all together

1. Speaker Roles
2. Case-Setting
3. Creating arguments
4. Developing nuanced analysis
5. Creating rebuttals
6. Understanding Points of Information
7. Finding your voice
8. Research skills
9. Refining case-setting
10. Putting it all together

1. Strategic Case Setting
2. Components of a good speech
3. Refining argument selection
4. Creating concise arguments
5. Engaging the opposition
6. Developing various styles
7. Research skills
8. Listening skills
9. Time Management in speeches
10. Putting it all together


Natalie is a seasoned debate educator who has been involved in debate related activities for more than half her life. She has coached students from age 10-19 in public and international schools for both recreational and competitive debate for over 6 years with her speciality in primary and secondary level coaching. She has adjudicated and panel-chaired up to the break-rounds, also acting as a team manager cum adult chaperone during numerous overseas tournaments. Her teaching motto is all about making learning fun. Natalie holds a Bachelor’s degree in Communication and a Trinity College certificate in TESOL.


Leejing has been coaching since 2010, and has experience coaching both novice and seasoned debaters ranging from 13-18 years old in public and international schools. She has coached teams in all 3 divisions of SSSDCs, bringing teams to the finals in Division 3 in 2012 and Division 2 in 2013. As a debater and adjudicator, she has made it to break rounds and finals on numerous occasions in the secondary school and tertiary circuit. As a former MOE teacher and MOE scholar, Leejing has a Post Graduate Diploma in Education from NIE, and holds a Bachelor’s degree in English Literature from NUS.

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