Global Debate Experience

Aspiring and current debaters who want to experience live-matches of world class debates can do so through our Global Debate Experience programme.



Participants are first mentored by our coaches and will debate officially released tournament motions before traveling to the host country to watch how top teams approach and debate the same motions.



No prior experience in public speaking or debate required

We select tournaments such as the Worlds Schools Debating Championships (WSDC)that:


Exposes participants to a high level of debating which they can aspire to


Has an internationalised pool of competitors for participants to learn about different styles of delivery that may not be present in their local debate circuit


Are held overseas, to encourage a deeper appreciation of another country through the lens of a debate-traveller

Our Learning Approach


Mini-lectures, practice drills, online-pre-reading, at-home reinforcement

Lesson breakdown

25% lecture, 50% practice time, 25% individual feedback

Materials provided

Learning summary for each class, supplementary reading materials

Maximum class size

12 students

1-on-1 progress check-ins

Before, during & after the course

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