These masterclasses/workshops aim to inculcate a habit of critical reasoning and clear articulation and generate interest in debate as an activity.

Each masterclass/workshop will be headed by one of our experienced coaches and debaters such as alumni of the Singapore National Debate Team.

  • Learn the basics of creating arguments and rebuttals
  • Be exposed to different speaking styles and learn when to apply them
  • Learn about debate strategy and how it can be applied

No prior experience in public speaking or debate required




Sam is a professional debate and oratory coach working full time with schools such as Raffles Institution and Anglo-Chinese Junior College. He also regularly conducts training and workshops on debate, public speaking, negotiation, and model UN activities with a wide range of schools and institution in Singapore and abroad. Sam attended Harvard University on a Public Service Commission Overseas Merit Scholarship and has previously worked in the Ministry of Defence, the Ministry for Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Law. Sam was also the Captain of the Singapore National Team for WSDC 2000, WSDC Adjudicator for Singapore in 2012 & 2015 and part of the WSDC organisational Committee in 2015. He has guided debaters and orators to over 30 championship titles, including international competitions such as the Asian World Schools Debating Championships; the Prometheus Cup and the Winter Holiday Open WSDC 2019.

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