RedDot Academy

About Us

Who Are We?

We are a community of individuals who are actively involved in Singapore’s debate circuit and comprises accomplished debaters and coaches who have competed and coached at the highest level.


Our collective experience as working professionals in the private sector, public service and civil service provides us with direct and personal experience of how debate and oratory skills apply in the real world.


We are passionate about advancing the quality, access, and progress of debate in Singapore and Asia and provide programmes which help students become better thinkers, better speakers, and better citizens.

Our Mission

Shaping Voices, Changing Lives

We are a community of committed, passionate and highly-qualified professionals with a wide range of experiences dedicated to advancing the quality, access and progress of debate, public speaking and drama.

Debate Philosophy

We believe that the medium of debate imparts skillsets required of a 21st century workforce and enables individuals to better engage with society and the world they live in.

Public Speaking Philosophy

We believe that the medium of public speaking equips individuals with the necessary skills to gain an edge in the modern workplace as well as thrive in a society where being able to voice one’s opinion is becoming increasingly crucial.

Drama Philosophy

We believe that the medium of drama develops individuals by enhancing their performance abilities and creative engagement with the world, especially in current times, when effective creative expression both at the workplace and the digital world is a strong advantage.