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Founder & Director

Teoh Teik Kee’s involvement in debate begun when his son, Teoh Ren Jie, was selected to represent Singapore in the World Schools Debating Championships (WSDC) in 2008. During the 5 years when his son debated competitively, Teik Kee became convinced that debate skills are an intellectual asset that every individual needs to have and which will allow them to become distinctive individuals.

Since then, Teik Kee has become a keen supporter of the Singapore debate circuit and was one of the key organising committee members when Singapore hosted the WSDC in 2015. He has since then been an  even more avid supporter of all things debate related.

In a career spanning 30 years, Teik Kee has held senior positions in investment and stock-broking firms. Since stepping down from a full-time job as an executive director of a Singapore Main Board listed company in 2010, Teik Kee has been pursuing his passion of helping start-ups, and deal structuring in the education and healthcare sectors.

Master Coach and Global Outreach Advisor

Loke Wing Fatt is the President of the Society for Associated Inter-Tertiary Debaters (SAID), a not-for-profit debate education organization in Singapore.

He has been a debate coach since 1994. He has dedicated the past 15 years of his life to promoting the good art of debating in “debate-developing nations”, especially nations in Asia. Fondly known as the God-Father of China debating, he has been awarded honorary degrees by two Chinese universities for his sustained devotion to the enlargement of the debating community in China in the past decade. Loke Wing Fatt is regularly invited to teach debate in Hong Kong, Macau, Malaysia, Slovenia, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Taiwan, and Japan. He is conversant in teaching the American Parliamentary Debate Style (AP), the British Parliamentary Debate Style (BP), the Austral-Asians’ Debate Style (Ausrals). the Asians’ Debate Style , and the WSDC Debate Style (World Schools’). He was the convenor of the Maya Division of the World Schools’ Debating Championships 2020 and the Main Convenor of Macau World Schools Debating Championships 2021. He also coached Team China to a World Schools Debating Championship win in 2018.

Curriculum Advisor and Coach

Mary Ann Tear is based in Singapore as the SEA Drama and Performance Consultant for Trinity College London. She has conducted many workshops and seminars for teachers all over the world and continues to direct and lecture at NAFA, SOTA and Laselle in Singapore. She adjudicates voice students from across the world and is an knowledgable master- coach.

Mary Ann has been the voice coach for the ACJC Drama Elective Programme (DEP) since 2014. She was voice coach to the Singapore Schools Debating Team who won the World Schools Competition in 2015 and 2017. She continues to train communicators and debaters with an emphasis on Voice Care.

Mary Anna has a Diploma from London College of Dance and Drama, UK with Associate of the Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing in 7 branches. She also achieved CertTESOL in 2007 (Trinity Certificate in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages). She is a well versed in the instruction of speech and performance.

Mary Ann Tear
Ashish Xiangyi Kumar

Curriculum Director & Master Debate Coach

Ashish Xiangyi Kumar’s decision to join RedDot is a natural result of his commitment to excellence in education. A former top PSLE scorer and the recipient of numerous academic prizes from the University of Cambridge, Ashish appreciates the importance of quality curriculum development in shaping young minds for success – in speech, debate, and analytical thinking.


Over a decade of debating at the highest international level, Ashish has amassed a track record of remarkable success – first Asian World Champion at the World Schools Debating Championship in 2011, World’s Best Speaker in 2015, and a host of major tournament victories, including the International Mace (2016), the European Debating Championships (2013), and the HWS Round Robin (2016, 2024). He thus brings to RedDot a wealth of experience in the art of competitive debating, and a practical understanding of what is needed to students to excel and succeed in high-pressure environments. He has coached multiple teams to victory in Singapore's national debating championships.


In joining RedDot, Ashish is investing his experience into designing a curriculum that aligns with RedDot’s core focus areas: innovation, hands-on application, and student-centered learning. In working to build our shared vision, Ashish aims to leave a legacy of students who are curious learners, critical thinkers, and confident speakers, able to deploy their skills over a wide variety of contexts.