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2024 Regular Speech and Drama Classes

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We are thrilled to unveil our speech and drama classes tailored for 7 to 12-year-olds, commencing in 2024 at Agora Learning Centre in Harbourfront! These weekend sessions are crafted to inspire creativity, self-expression, and teamwork in young minds.

Immerse your child in an enriching and comprehensive learning experience, where they can develop essential life skills in a supportive and engaging environment. Our dedicated instructors are passionate about guiding students through various dramatic expressions, fostering curiosity, open-mindedness, and the joy of creative exploration.

Enroll your child now and watch them embark on a captivating journey that will empower them to express themselves with flair and confidence. The stage is set, providing a platform for young talents to discover the art of dramatic expression and the exhilaration of sharing their thoughts through the world of theatre!

Our Coach

Jit, an accomplished international educator and actor, is a valuable addition to our program. Trained at LASALLE College of the Arts and Accademia Teatro Dimitri in Switzerland, Jit has a diverse background.

As a coach for Anglo-Chinese Junior College and instructor for D’Artistes, Jit brings expertise in Voice, Acting, and Poetry Slam. Internationally, he trained with Clowns Without Borders-CH, becoming a facilitator for participants aged 8 to 65.

With a Bachelor’s in Acting, Jit has excelled in theatre, film, and TV. Notable credits include “The Earth Turns” (USA) and “Dalla Mia Riva” (Switzerland). Locally, he’s been part of acclaimed productions like “Adventures of Abhijeet” and “Dating Simulation.”

In film, Jit played Ishmael in HBO-Asia’s “Invisible Stories” and Gerald in Toggle’s series “Last Madame.” Since 2021, he’s ventured into writing, directing, and producing, premiering “Dr.Sick” at the KATAPULT Festival.

Ignite your child’s creativity and self-expression with our dynamic speech and drama classes! Provide them with a platform to blossom in an inspiring and supportive setting. For insights into our captivating speech and drama classes tailored for 7 to 12-year-olds, beginning in 2024 at Harbourfront, seize this opportunity.


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Don’t let your child miss the chance to unveil their artistic potential through drama. Enroll today and witness their growth in creativity, self-expression, and confidence!