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Seeing Through Another’s Eyes: Why Drama Builds Empathy

Learning drama allows you to think as someone else and see the world through the lens of another.

Knowledge is Power: How to Expand your Knowledge for Debates

Read, read, read!

Finding Your Voice

One of the most important skills an individual can learn is self-expression.

Practice Makes Perfect!

A junior speaker can develop their presentation skills by practicing whenever possible.

3 Main Benefits to Learning Debate!

Debate and English! What’s the link?

Public Speaking as an Emcee

It’s the moment before I go up onto stage. The idle chatter from the audience beyond the curtains, the weight of the microphone in my hand, and the adrenaline buzz running through me as I run through the sequence of the event and recap my lines in my mind. The curtains open, and it’s showtime!

Speaking to a Crowd?! I’ll Pass.

By Malcom Fu